Thursday, 20 August 2020

What kind of massages are there in Bangkok?

Body massage is a fast-growing demand all over the world for which people go to the spa. Whoever goes to Thailand, does not forget to give Thai massage here. By the way, Thai massage is the main folk massage here, but here we are telling you about different types of massage in Bangkok. If you are planning a trip to Bangkok, then you must know about them. After that, you can make your trip there pleasant and comfortable and memorable.

Thai massage
Traditional Thai massage developed from ancient practices is a type of yoga that can also be done as a regular practice. Body stretching plays the main role during this massage.

Oil massage
Oil massage is known to improve full-body relaxation and circulation. You can get this message in any spa and massage parlors in Bangkok. Ayurvedic oils play a major role in this massage.

Reflexology massage

Reflexology massage is very popular in Bangkok. Very useful for relieving tension, headache and pain. This massage provides better blood pressure as well as adequate blood supply in the respective areas.

Ayurvedic Massage
Ayurvedic massage is the oldest massage in the world. With this massage, toxins are released from our bodies. The body's immune system is better and new energy is available.

Foot massage

Foot massage is available in Bangkok. The foot massage consists of a mixture of compressors. During this, oils are used and it is done from toes to and shins.

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